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Sponsorship at Grandsons of Abraham Rescue Centre - Mombasa

Grandsons of Abraham Rescue Centre - Mombasa is dedicated to providing a secure, loving environment with Christian values for the less fortunate youth living in the Coastal Counties of Mombasa, Kwale, Taita Taveta and Kilifi with a special focus on street families.

We have a strong commitment to nurture, educate and prepares every child under our care in readiness to take up their rightful place in the society upon reaching adulthood.

When you partner with us through Sponsorship you help us in achieving our aim of raising the next generation of reliable Citizens. By sponsoring a child, you will also have participated in the development of that child to grow up as an all rounded citizen.

What do you do with my money?

When you sponsor by way of contribution, your money goes towards meeting the expenses associated with running the Rescue Centre.

This Includes :-

  • General operations (Water, electricity bills, plumbing works maintenance and repairs, laundry, staffing, etc.),  
  • Meals,
  • Education expenses -  primary, secondary and college/university (tuition, supplies, uniforms, extra-curricular activities),
  • Medical care and medicine,
  • Clothes and shoes,
  • Transportation.

A small portion of the contributions is also used towards management, administrative, and fundraising expenses.

What happens should  I have to discontinue my sponsorship?

Along the sponsorship period,  circumstances may change, and we understand that. We are sincerely grateful for every contribution you give, and we do not take it for granted. 
If you find you are unable to continue, simply let the GOA  know by email, phone, or letter, for us to update our records and begin to find another sponsor for the child. We will be grateful if you can also recommend another person who can take up your role.

What do you tell the child, about being sponsored?
We explain to them that there are people who live in another part of the world who care for them and want them to succeed in life. We also inform them that there that there is an opportunity to communicate with their sponsor once in a while. Should a sponsor have to end their sponsorship we let them know about it and encourage them that there is an opportunity to make a new friend with a different sponsor as we focus on the positives.

How can I communicate with the child/Children I Sponsor?
We invite you to send an email or a letter. You can also easily keep up with the  activities at the centre, latest news and happenings by subscribing to our e-newsletter or following us on social media (Facebook, Youtube and Instagram).

Will I hear from my child?
Yes! We encourage them to send you letters (or artwork) and an updated photo via emails at least every year. By so doing, you will be able to see their personalities come out in their writing and notice how much they have changed through the photos. 
You may archive a file with all the communications so that later you can look through the file from time to time to have a better understanding of how to encourage and pray for them as you begin to recognize their strengths, capacities, interests, challenges, and aspirations.

What specific benefits will the child I sponsor receive?
The child, you sponsor receives all-inclusive care including a safe and stable living environment, balanced diet meals,  medication, education, clothing, and transportation.
Our Centre living environment is centered on Christian values with attention and mentoring given by our qualified staff under the supervision of the Sisters of St. Joseph Mombasa.

How many sponsors can each child have?
We hope to secure as many sponsors for every youth as possible so as to be able to cover all of their necessities. The more sponsors we get onboard supporting our youth the better!

How long does my sponsorship last?
At GOA mission is to continue bringing up reformed street children who are academically, economically and even socially transformed with high morals and integrity. This means we will highly value your long-term commitment to the sponsorship to our youth that eventually integrates well into the society as all rounded responsible citizens. 
Occasionally, as circumstances my change, and a child may be adopted, return to their family, or otherwise need to leave GOA. Should such occur, we will inform you and give you an opportunity to redirect your financial sponsorship to another child or as you may wish.

Can I send gifts to my child?
Yes! Gifts can be mailed but they must be sent in a padded 9” by 12” envelope. Anything larger than this will require GOA to incur a customs charge. 
Gifts that are brought in person by a sponsor should be approved by the management of GOA. Please inform GOA if a child you sponsor has asked for any particular gift so that you are duly guided. 
You are always welcome to make an additional donation to our Birthday Fund or Christmas Fund. Christmas season is also a good time gift all of our youth.

Can I visit the Centre / my sponsored?
Most definitely Yes! We would love to see you visit us at GOA. You can come along with your friends too. We promise, this will be an amazing experience for you both. 
Let us know when you plan to visit. We would be happy to assist you with your travel plans.

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