Grandsons of Abraham - A church based rescue center in Mombasa


  • How you can help/donate

    You can help us change a child's life by donating in many different ways. Your donation will be used according to the needs of the children and the centre like food and clothing. You can sponsor a child to go to school or you can donate any amount to support them in whatever they need.

  • What can you do for Grandsons?

    Grandsons of Abraham rescue center is, working hard to change the lives of those least able to change themselves. We need your help to reduce the number of street children on the streets of Mombasa, resettle them back to their families and educate them.

  • Where will your donations go?

    We assure you that all the donations will go to the projects of the Grandsons of Abraham rescue center in Mombasa.

You can also help to support our centre

Tell your friends about us

Our success depends on the number of friends that will join us in this noble cause, Help telly our friends about us and what we do.


Join our volunteer team

We are stronger together. Welcome and be part of the team bringing impactful change in society.


Send a donation

By sending in your donation, you will be keeping a needy child in class, placing food on his/her plate, clothing, and all that pertains to humanity. Be blessed even as you donate to us.


Become Volunteer

Be part of the change-makers making a positive impact in the lives of these former street children by becoming a volunteer.

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